PASS_2011_SpeakingButton_180x180-blackI submitted three sessions to the 2011 Summit for consideration and I heard today that two of them were accepted, with the third being an alternate.

It’s nice to be accepted, especially as there is always a lot of competition for people to speak and there are tons of submissions each year. I don’t know the total this year, but I’m sure it was over 500 for 160 or so slots.

My two sessions are:

Branding Yourself for a Dream Job -The Modern Resume Everyone wants a dream job that they enjoy going to each week. However finding that job, and getting yourself hired can be hard for most people. Steve Jones will give you practical tips and suggestions in this session that show you how to better market yourself, how to get the attention of employers, and help improve the chances that the job you want will get offered to you. Learn about networking, blogging, writing, speaking , and more from Steve Jones, who has successfully used these techniques to find his dream job.

(in the Professional Development Track, level 100)

The Top Ten SQL Server Skills You NeedCome learn the ten most important skills that every accidental DBA, developer, or even manager should be able to do in SQL server. If you want to know where to start working with SQL server or which 10 things will get you through most of your days, some see Steve Jones show you how to accomplish these ten important tasks and explain why they are important. These ten skills represent the 80/20 rule in action; if you can do these ten things, you can successfully get through most of your days at work.

(In Enterprise Database Administration and Deployment, level 100)

No idea on which days they’ll be there, but come join me if you’re interested.

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