It was a little over a year ago that I stood on stage at the Rocky Mountain Tech Trifecta and gave a keynote speech in which I said these words:

“My wife works in the mobility/cellular phone industry right now, but she really wants to train horses for a living.  In the short term, which might be the next few years, she’s a little "stuck" in her current job. However we spend time and money every year improving her skills, and I support her in doing the "professional development" she needs to do in order to be a horse trainer some day. I know she’ll get there at some point, and I am sure she’ll be ready for her next career with all the work and training she is doing now.”

As I write this today, my wife is finishing her last day of work in corporate America. She resigned a month ago, and today, May 4th, is her last day working for her company. She had a farewell dinner with her boss last night. She is packing up her equipment and shipping it back. She’s having final calls with co-workers and saying good-bye.

Her dream has been to work with horses for a living. She has been working part time for years boarding and training horses and people to work with them, and we’ve been working for years to try and adjust our life so she could work on her dream full time.

That starts tonight, as one job ends and she commits to building her business full time, and with a passion that amazes me. I have no doubt this will be a success for her, and for our family.

We know there will be an adjustment, and finances will get tighter, but we all think it’s a trade that is worth making. Life is short, very short, and you only get to live it once. We have lost a number of friends in the last year, all too young to leave this Earth, and it’s helped to make us realize that it’s important we don’t delay this change any longer than we need to, even if it’s uncomfortable.

Life is short, but we never know how short it will be for each of us. Any of us could leave this life at any time. Remember that each day, as you choose your path in life.

15 thoughts on “Living a Dream

  1. Thanks, Steve. This post did more for me than you probably intended. I’ll explain it sometime, but the opportunities for that sometime may be limited this year as a side effect. You should submit to speak in NH this October😉

  2. Here’s to the “Power of Now …” Best wishes with full-time self-actualization …

  3. “…finances will get tighter, but we all think it’s a trade that is worth making.”

    Those are really powerful words. Some trade life for money:-)

  4. Sweet, that’s awesome, good decision. Thanks for leading by example.

  5. Steve may the good lord bless you and keep you and yours … may the adventure your family is about to embark upon be joyous and fruitful.

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