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Dress Like Steve

September 19, 2012

I hate wearing suits and ties. One of my early jobs in technology required them, and my least favorite part of that job was the dress code. Almost as bad was a company that required a uniform: same pants and shirt every day. I didn’t mind a few jobs that required khaki pants and a collared shirt since I could have a little variety, but my ideal job, which I have now, lets me wear what I want. T-shirts, shorts, sandals, jeans, and more are acceptable in my office.

These days when I put on a collared shirt, it’s usually one with with design of some sort on it. I have a nice collection of colorful shirts, and I often wear them to events. Can you find me in the picture below?

SQL in the City Staff

One of these things doesn’t look like the other…

As we were planning the US tour of SQL in the City and talking about things we might giveaway, someone suggested adding a few shirts to the list of books, pens, balls, etc. I thought that if I were to give away some cool SQLServerCentral shirts to attendees, I ought to make sure that I was modeling one of the prizes all day. My boss agreed, and I got permission to go shopping.

At each of the US SQL in the City tour stops, I’ll be wearing a new Hawaiian shirt. At the end of the day at each event, I’ll also be giving away 3 of the same shirt to three lucky attendees. You can’t win one if you don’t come, so if you are in any of the cities we are visiting, be sure to register and come get a free day of presentations from Grant, me, and a number of other speakers. I’ve got a series of blog posts on the events, and if you want to run with me in the mornings before an event, drop me a note on Twitter.

Steve Jones

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