Someone suggested Newsblur to me, and I went to their home page. Like many sites, it asks you to sign up, so I decided to give it a try.


The import from Google Reader caught my attention, so I clicked it. It asked for an authorization from Google, and then I got this page:


I have to say. Not only do I now see anyway to understand the difference between $2 a month and $3 a month, but I also feel like this is a bait and switch, given the top banner. This could have been called out on the home page, though I suspect not as many people will click through.

I’d gladly pay Google Reader $2 a month, but I know what I’m getting. Here I’m not sure, and I’m already annoyed.

The search continues.

One thought on “Not My Google Reader Replacement

  1. Feedly with the Feedly Reader extension gets the job done to a certain degree, while it’s not Google Reader, it certainly is better than a bait and switch!

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