Labor Day 2013

It’s a holiday in the US today. It’s Labor Day, and many in the US have a break. With a holiday late last week, this turns into a 5 day weekend for me. That’s unusual for me as I struggle to take time off. I enjoy my job, and it seems that I have no shortage of tasks I can find during the week. I’m trying to do better. Vacation is important, and I’m hoping to fit in more across the next few months.

Most of us work as labor for some enterprise. Whether it’s an employer or our own business, we work to earn an income, support our families and, hopefully, find some sense of purpose in our efforts.

Work is hard, and every job is work at some point, but I hope you enjoy your employment more days than you don’t, especially the work in technology. The tools, capabilities and amazing things we can do in the digital world are very exciting.

I’ve got a blooper real for the podcast that I hope you enjoy today if you’re reading the newsletter. For those of you around the world, I know many of you may be working today, but I hope you have your own holiday at some point during the year that recognizes the efforts you put in.


Watch in WMV or MP4 formats.

Happy Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving in the US and I’m in the mountains of Colorado enjoying the holiday while skiing with my family. Hopefully many of you are having a quiet day if you’re at work, or enjoying the day off if it’s a holiday.

I’ve included a few humorous mistakes from the past month’s podcasts, so enjoy them and I’ll be back next week with new thoughts on the world of databases and SQL Server.

Steve Jones

Windows WMV Bloopers

iPod MP4 Bloopers

Fourth of July Bloopers

Here you go. The raw ones.

It’s a holiday, and usually I’m spending time with the family and enjoying the day.

In all seriousness though, this is an important day for US citizens. The birthday of our country. Take a moment and read the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution and remember how our country was founded and the principles we should hold dear. Interpret things today, but remember that this country was founded on the idea of freedoms.

Despite any differences with other citizens, we should celebrate our country.

Happy President’s Day 2012

Happy President's Day

It’s President’s Day in the US, and a holiday for me, so I’m having a Daddy Daughter day in Denver, away from work. Hopefully most of you in the US also have the day off and are enjoying yourselves away from a computer.

For those of you in the US, I hope your code compiles the first time, queries return quickly, and you enjoy the blooper reel I’ve compiled from the last few months.

Steve Jones

The Voice of the DBA Podcasts

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Happy Halloween 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloweento everyone out there. It’s the holiday that my kids love, with the chance to dress up and pretend to be something else for the day. I haven’t dressed up in years, but I still remember being a young IT guy, coming into work at 7am before everyone else with a gorilla mask and hands, in a suit and getting a few screams from people walking into the office.

It’s a vacation day for me, taking a break between my trip last week for SQL in the City and heading to SQL Server Connections tomorrow. Hopefully I’m skiing, and then taking the kids out tonight for some fun before I leave town tomorrow.

It’s not a holiday for most people, but I hope you have a quiet and productive day. For a little entertainment, I’ve got a blooper real below you can enjoy.

Labor Day Bloopers

Once again it’s a holiday and I’m taking the day off from writing. A short piece for the editorial, but it’s a cut down version of only some outtakes. Since July 4, I’ve ended up with more than I can use, so here are two cuts of the raw outtakes across the last two months.

Part 1 of the bloopers since July 4


Part 2


An early peak at the bloopers going out on Monday. Feel free to enjoy today. I’ve included the editorial and then the raw bloopers from the last month, which has a few more mistakes in there.

The official Independence Day 2011 Videos


The raw ones are below, and include the ones above plus a few more that didn’t make the cut.


Raw Bloopers