A Guest at the Ranch

From the other side of the world, I had a guest at the ranch today.


Pinal Dave, a friend from India, sent me an email that he’d unexpectedly come to Denver this week. He had some time, so I invited him out to the ranch today for a few hours to sit and chat, see the horses, and spend some time.

We had a good time, and snapped a quick photo before he headed back to his hotel, and likely work knowing him.

I really enjoy the conversations I get to have with other successful and passionate people. They are some of the most interesting, and helpful, times I have in my career. This was definitely one of them.

Fun with Light Bulbs

I needed an image of a “great idea”, and decided to use a light bulb. I started looking through Flickr and then realized I could just as easily do my own picture. So I enlisted Kendall for this series of shots.



We had fun, with Kendall holding some of them and laughing the whole time. It was a fun silly few minutes in our day.

I ended up using this one in my editorial: