Another Day, Another City

After a few days in Copenhagen for SQL Nexus, I traveled to London late last night, and am now making my way to Liverpool for SQL Bits. A hectic schedule, leaving one city, flying to another, a few hours sleep and moving again today.

It’s exciting to be heading back to SQL Bits again, as it’s my favorite conference, and I am looking forward to seeing people from all over the world that I’ve become friends with across the years. Plus it will be fun to see all the costumes at Friday night’s space themed party.

I’ve got two sessions to deliver. A lunchtime session on version control Friday and then a testing talk Saturday.

Between now and then, some final rehearsals, and hopefully an hour or two at the Beatles museum.

Off to SQL Nexus

This week begins my two city, two conference journey across the Atlantic. I arrive in Copenhagen today, after traveling overnight from Denver. I wrote this before leaving, knowing that I’ll likely be a bit worn out as I make my way from Denver to Washington D.C. to London to Copenhagen.

This is the most relaxing part of my trip, with a day to adjust in a new country before the SQL Nexus conference starts tomorrow. I’m looking forward to getting some coffee and exploring the city.

Tomorrow is a conference day, hanging out and learning a bit before I speak on Wednesday morning. I’ll be talking about SQL Server 2016 Encryption, and I expect that if SQL Server 2016 hasn’t RTM’d by this time, it will either Tuesday am at SQL Nexus or Friday am at SQL Bits. I could be wrong, but as I write this, I expect those are the likely dates.

I’m looking forward to Nexus, which has lots of SQL 2016 content scheduled. I just hope all the sessions are in English Winking smile

Working on the Road

I spend a decent amount of time on the road, traveling to events. Last year I think I spent 50 nights in hotels for work. That’s a fair amount, and it can be challenging to get everything I need to accomplish done in those situations. I’ve gotten good at ensuring my laptops are setup, I have cloud copies of information, or VPN access to files. While I miss my multiple monitors at home, I can work on the laptop for a week without too many issues.

However there’s one thing I often do before trips: I prep. I get most of my tasks scheduled; I pre-build and prepare newsletters. In short, I try to minimize the work I need to do on a deadline when I’m traveling.

This week I have a slightly crazy week.

  • UPDATE Monday, I was supposed to be in Fort Collins, CO, with the State Knowledge Bowl competition for my son. However he had other work to do and decided to focus on his classes, so I went skiing😉
  • Tuesday, Fort Collins, CO – morning work in the hotel, afternoon Knowledge Bowl competition, evening, a bit more work.
  • Wednesday, home office – Daily work and routine
  • Thursday, Spokane, WA – Hotel working
  • Friday, Spokane, WA – holiday, volleyball tournament for my daughter.

There’s a level of craziness, with changing locations and working sporadically this week. Tuesday should be a holiday, but I’ll have to work around things. I’ll actually try to do some work on Monday around the competition to minimize the disruptions. I have some meetings I couldn’t easily move, so I elected to just work around Tuesday.

Wednesday will really be my only normal work day, though I have an evening flight to Spokane, so I will feel some pressure here.

Thursday is a travel day for my daughter. I’ll be in the hotel working while she wanders around Spokane with her team.

Friday is a tournament, afternoon wave, so if I haven’t finished everything I need, I’ll be working a bit in the am here.

Not my kind of week, but I have these happen at times.

Back to Work

It’s strange to be back to work on a Monday, with kids still in the house (they start school tomorrow), after being gone for the last 10 days  from work. It was really gone, as I didn’t process email or mess with work in any meaningful way. I did clean some spam over vacation when others were gone, and I added a few Database Weekly links last week, but I didn’t check SQLServerCentral, edit articles, or do anything really SQL related.

About the only computer tasks I’ve done since the day before Christmas were a few hours on the Advent of Code stuff I’ve been working on in my spare time, and even that was minimal. I got stuck on a few puzzles, and didn’t have much time to work through them. I’d give it 20-30 minutes, but then break for family time.

It’s a new year, and I’m starting slow. At least slow this week as I take stock of the publishing queues and start to plan how I’ll proceed forward. As I left last year, there were a lot of new technologies coming from Microsoft in 2016 that I felt I needed to get up to speed on. Some are out, some coming, but they’re a point of emphasis. Like Buck Woody with his Data Scientist work, and Grant Fritchey with R, I’m proceeding to learn more about analytics, including data lakes and statistics, as I move through the year. Particularly I’m focused on Python as the language to use, though from what I see with R, lots of the same libraries and formulas apply.

I’m also looking to continue forward with the #SQLNewBlogger posts and see if I can inspire some of you to move forward with your own skills and thoughts on how SQL works for you. I’m going to look to get at least 2 posts a month out here, and perhaps more.

Travel starts quickly, with a week long trip to the UK in two weeks and then SQL Saturday Austin, but other than that, it will be a light quarter for me. Just one event in Feb, and none in March. I am looking forward to that slow beginning.

Travel Confusion

I confused myself. Twice apparently in October. Let’s hope that this one works out as well as the last one.

Jones is a Good Name

I flew to Orlando on Oct 8. I got a car, and drove up to my hotel in Lake Mary, near the SQL Saturday pre-con. I checked in, the lady asked for me name, acknowledged "Jones" and confirmed I was there for one night.

I was slightly confused, but thought I might have booked a different hotel for the next night closer to the SQL Saturday. There are times I’ve got events in two places, so I stay near them. When I got to my room, I checked, and my phone showed a reservation for Oct 9-11, at the same hotel.


I went back downstairs and we determined I didn’t have a reservation for Oct 8, but there was another Jones coming. Apparently I got his or her room. We fixed things, I kept my room, and then promptly double checked the rest of my hotels in the UK.

Check In is Available for Your Flight

That was the message I got today when I came out of yoga. At first I started to check in, then realized today is Friday. I planned on going to Seattle on Sunday and I can only check in 24 hours in advance.

A check confirmed it. I’d messed up reservations again. I called United and they said there was a bunch of space on a couple flights Sunday. If I changed today it was US$300. However if I want until tomorrow morning and call within 24 hours of the flight, there’s no change fee. The benefits of flying a lot are there, but not without some caveats.

I created an appointment for myself in the am to call and change my flight. Let’s hope a bunch of people don’t book DEN->SEA between now and then.

Traveling in Wales

It’s SQL Relay Cardiff day today. This is my first time in Wales, and it’s a busy day at SQL Relay. It’s a bit of deja vu with me delivering the same session on Version Control today that I presented 18 ours ago at SQL Relay Bristol.

It’s interesting being on part of the SQL Relay tour, with some of the same speakers, some different, the rapid travel from one city to the next, and orienting myself in a new environment. The venues are much different, with a set of hotel conference rooms yesterday and a large arena facility (the Motorpoint Arena) today.  It’s surprisingly confusing trying to find toilets, speaker rooms, and more.

However the people are nice, and friendly, although quiet. I got lots of good questions both days, on a semi-confusing topic, and that will help me revisit the session and make some changes over the next few days.

I get to help on a second session today as we have a speaker that’s ill. Then it’s some work as I prep for travel back to London and SQL in the City in London on Friday.


A Long Trip Ahead

This is my last day at home for a long time. At least long by my standards. I head to the airport tomorrow for a ten day trip, not returning to CO until Saturday, Oct 17. I rarely travel more than 4 or 5 days at the most, so this is one of my longer ones.

My first stop is Orlando. I’m heading over to help teach a DLM workshop for Redgate Software on Friday. This is our Database Source Control workshop that covers some in depth work with SQL Source Control and version control systems. I’ve done a few of these, so this should be easy for me.

Saturday is SQL Saturday #442 in Orlando. I haven’t been to a SQL Saturday in Orlando in a long time, so I’m excited to get back to the place where these all started. I’ve got one talk on Saturday, talking Encryption, around which I’ll be hanging out with friends and trying to learn a few SQL things along the way.

Sunday I travel, though at a relaxed pace. I’ll spend the day making my way to Houston before an overnight flight to London on the Dreamliner. It’s a leisurely day, where I’ll probably spend time catching up on Python work because Monday is crazy.

Monday is a day I dread a bit. I land in London and immediately drive to Cambridge for a few meetings. I’ve got some SQL in the City rehearsals planned before I turn around and head back to London to catch the fun bus to Bristol for SQL Relay. If you map this out, it seems silly, but that’s what I got myself talked into somehow.

Tuesday is SQL Relay in Bristol. I’ll be previewing my talk for SQL in the City, so I’ll apologize in advance if things aren’t 100% set. However after a day at the conference, I’ll be heading over to Cardiff where I’ll get dinner and try to fix all the things I did wrong during the talk.

Wednesday is SQL Relay Cardiff.  A repeat of Tuesday in a new city. I’m not sure if everything is the same, but I’ll be (hopefully) delivering a better talk on Wednesday. Wednesday night Grant and I aren’t doing anything, so it’s a few hours to unwind.

Thursday morning we make our way back to London. Hopefully we manage the train system fine because we have lunchtime and afternoon meetings with people coming down from Redgate during the day. This is the final SQL in the City prep time, as well as a few other in person events, including seeing my boss for only the 3rd time this year.

Friday is SQL in the City 2015 London. Redgate puts on a great event, and I’m looking forward to another exciting day. Three times on stage for me, so I’m sure when things wrap up around 5 I’ll be quite tired. However no rest, I head to Heathrow for a night in my 5th hotel on this trip.

10 days. Orlando, Cambridge, Bristol, Cardiff, London.

I have the feeling I won’t be doing much on Saturday night or Sunday when I return.

SQL Saturday #403–Louisville

This weekend I’ll be attending SQL Saturday #403 in Louisville, KY. If you’re in the area, think about taking a few hours out of your Saturday and coming to learn some SQL Server stuff. There’s a great schedule, with 6 tracks and 6 sessions per track.

That’s 36 opportunities to improve your skills and career!

I’ll be delivering two sessions during the event. I have my Branding Yourself for a Dream Job first thing in the morning at 8am. I know it’s early, but I like to give you some ideas for networking and planning your career for the rest of the day.

My second session is Continuous Integration for Databases at 10:30. I’ll give you a taste of how to improve your software development process by using version control and a build server to verify and test your database code.

There are some great afternoon sessions, but I likely won’t be there as I have family in town and want to spent a few hours with them. However come grab me in the morning and say “hi”. I really enjoy meeting the SQL Server community and look forward to another great SQL Saturday in Louisville.

The Company Meeting

I’m leaving today for a trip to Cambridge, UK. I do this 2-3 times a year, but this one is a little different. I’m being joined by most of my American colleagues at Redgate, all of whom are being flown over to attend a company meeting and a company day out on Friday. It’s one of the rare chances, and quite possibly the only one that will happen again, to get everyone together in the company.

It’s an expense, arguably an unnecessary one, but it’s also a treat. Spouses and partners have been invited to come along and participate in some fun on Friday. It’s something that stands out in my mind, and it solidifies that Redgate is a great company.

It’s the kind of company I’d want to build, and it’s run as I’d want to run a company.

That might be the highest complement I can pay to an employer. They run a company as I would want to do so. They treat people fairly. They treat people with respect. They try to treat customers well, as well as participate in the community. The company is not perfect, but they acknowledge mistakes and try to do better. They work to make a profit, but profit isn’t the most important thing. Perhaps best of all, the management work alongside employees and set good examples. They don’t treat themselves as above or more important than the other employees.

I’ve worked at a lot of companies in my career, and almost none of them have been companies that I thought were well run with respect for employees balanced with the profit motive and participation in the community. Most were unbalanced in some way, often with respect to profit meaning much more than individuals.

I’m proud to work at Redgate and am looking forward to the trip with my wife, and a nice weekend in Dublin.

A Week to SQL Saturday #393 – Redmond

Only my second SQL Saturday of the year (wow), but SQL Saturday #393 is next week in Redmond, WA. This is my first time at a SQL Saturday in Washington, though I’ve been to the area many times. I’m looking forward to the trip up with a couple days in the Seattle area and getting the chance to catch up with some friends.

I’ll be talking tSQLt and testing at the event, and the full schedule has a lot of great sessions to choose from. If you’re in the area on May 16, 2015, I’d urge you to register and come by for the day.

If you can’t make it, hopefully I’ll see you at another event soon.